Band of Horses

April 6, 2006  |  music

How much would you enjoy a super group made up of Doug Martsch (Built to Spill), James Mercer (the Shins), and Rob Crow (Pinback)? Wouldn’t they just create the most relaxing yet rocking, strong-enough-for-a-woman- but-made-for-a-man kind of music?

Band of HorsesWell, it’s not gonna happen. But that’s no reason to cry. Band of Horses have arrived to make you forgot your woes. Their debut Everything All the Time came out in late March and I’ve been spinning the shit out of the CD ever since. It’s the perfect album for listening to just before bed, or while drinking tea after a satisfying meal. It’s good for the digestion and easy on the nerves.

All of the songs are great. If you need a pick-me-up, turn on any of the 10 songs and then check your smile. To see what I mean try the three songs below.

Listen to more songs on the Band of Horses website.

Buy it at Insound!

Fun fact: Band of Horses is made up of two of the members of the much-loved Carissa’s Weird.


  1. Unofficial biography: The Shins met My Morning Jacket in a smokey bar one night and proceeded to make the sweet love, 9 months later the world witnessed the birth of the Band of Horses.

  2. P.S. I talked briefly to Ben at the Phoenix show, and he said that they will be releasing a 4 track EP soon. More importantly it will include “(Biding Time is a) Boat Row”, and this pleases ye gods.

  3. You are a disgusting man, Chad. And yet, yes, you please ye gods.

  4. Band of Horses is a Mercerful Jimmy Jam. I said it before, and I will say it again, it is so odd that we’ve been listening to the same album at the same time without actually mentioning it to each other. It’s almost like we shared a brotherly bond…

  5. Glad I can sleeze and appease…


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