Mates of State & Bagheera

April 12, 2006  |  music

Because yesterday I posted some tracks from Work Clothes, it got me thinking about some of the other husband and wife teams that I’ve been listening to lately: Mates of State, since their new album just came out a couple of weeks ago, and Bagheera, who are working on their 2nd LP.

Mates of State

Seamus and I saw Mates of State perform a pretty rad concert in a tiny rec-room down at UC San Diego about 3 years ago when My Solo Project came out. I’m a big fan of their harmonizing, almost screaming pop vocals because their songs are endlessly fun to sing in the shower for both of my personalities. MOS coerces such an amazing sound out of just an organ, a drum kit, and those voices, which can also be fun in the shower.

      Buy it at Insound!


      Bagheera is a St. Louis band fronted by real-life couple Heather Dallape and Theodore Moll. The couple have been lovingly creating music together since 1999 and just last year they took a break to lovingly create a person. Rumor has it they have a new album brewing also. Heather and Theo also do the whole harmony thing and he plays drums, but she plays geetar and their sound is definitely different from MOS. The love of science is quite apparent, if not just from the song titles.

          Buy it at Insound!

          Fun fact #1: Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel got married to the dulcet tones of Pinback’s “Loro”. Isn’t that awesome?

          Fun fact #2: Bagheera is also the panther, Mowgli’s protector, in The Jungle Book. Isn’t that awesome?


          1. The tiny rec room at UCSD is the Che Cafe and the Minders opened up for MOS. Actually their van broke down and they were late, so Mates of State played and then Minders finally showed up….

          2. That’s right. The Minders were pretty good, too. What was the name of the first band? They had a sort of biblical sounding name; they switched instruments; they sounded kinda like the Pixies?

          3. Do you chaps just use the comments sections to chat with eachother? 🙂

          4. Sometimes we also chat with other commenters.

            Hey, Andrew. What’s cracking?

          5. Ah. The other band. New Bethel, methinks.


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