IV Thieves

August 18, 2006  |  music
IV Thieves

IV Thieves is the name of the band formerly known as Nic Armstrong and the Thieves. As the story goes, after touring in support of their first album, the other band members became so integral to the group that Nic’s name was taken off the band name. Isn’t that a nice story? It seems like it usually goes the other way, doesn’t it? I understand using the name Thieves; Nic/nick, slang for to steal, and they’re from the home of Robin Hood; but what about the IV? Is it a roman numeral representing the four members of the band, or do these Nottingham lads actually nick IVs from hospital patients or drug users? Or maybe they are supporters of randomized experiments in statistics, so they steal Instrumental Variables from regression analyses to produce inconsistent estimates. I can’t decide whether these guys are Roman, cruel, or math nerds. Perhaps they’re all three, like Caligula with a pocket-protector. (Possible title for their next album?)

The music swings playfully along the timeline of British rock highlights. On the new album If We Can’t Escape My Pretty, the songs bounce from the stomping beats of T.Rex to the bendy guitars of Oasis, from the poppy growl of Pulp to the playful psychedelia of the Beatles.

It all sounds good, but initially I was bored. I couldn’t wait for the album to be over, so I could listen to anything else. I guess it just didn’t click with me. But then I found myself singing some of the songs in the shower. Begrudgingly, I went back to listen to the album a few more times, and it clicked. Now the album seems way too short, and I need to recommend it to quite a few people.

So… what do you think of the following tracks?

If We Can’t Escape My Pretty is due to come out October 17th, but until then, the debut album Greatest White Liar is available and you can…

Buy it at Insound!


  1. Absolutely Great Stuff!!!!!! Love it, can’t wait to hear more!!!!

  2. I thought Nic’s debut album was far stronger and wish he’d go back to doing the raw stripped down soulful 60’s stuff. Just my opinion…


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