Please Standby

February 5, 2007  |  web

As you may have noticed, (((withoutsound))) has a slightly different look this week. While we are in the process of redesigning the site, the new look is NOT it. Attempts to upgrade the software that runs this site broke the previous design, so we are working to fix it. In the meantime, please bear with us, we’ll continue to post as normal – just with a slightly different look.

Kick Out the Gems

November 23, 2006  |  music, web
Leslie Hall

If you don’t know who Leslie Hall is by now, you probably don’t have a series of tubes connected to your haus… because this would have arrived in your inbox with the subject line:

Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: omigawd rofl!

Leslie, a 24-year old art school graduate from Ames, Iowa and self-proclaimed keeper of the gems, made a splash this past year with several YouTube hits performed with her rotating backup band the Lys, including Gem Sweater, Gold Pants, and Beat Dazzler.Additionally, she joined forces with fellow internet personalities Tron Guy (Jay Maynard) and Peter Pan (Randy Constan) to make an impassioned plea for net neutrality on We Are the Web.


Quite possibly the lovechild of Amy Sedaris and Mike Myers, Leslie recently released her second album, Door Man’s Daughter, which is round 2 of rhymes plus beats and tinkly piano ballads. The song “Mother Gem Lullaby” was running through my head this evening after my pants burst during Thanksgiving dinner.

Gold Pants may be the only way for me to continue being seen in public.

Buy Door Man’s Daughter from Leslie Hall - Door Man's Daughter or from Leslie herself.

BTW, here’s Leslie and her recent appearance on Ring My Bell taking calls and playing with plastic dinosaurs.

I can’t play an instrument, either.

November 20, 2006  |  music, web

Lasse Gjertsen is at it again.

As you may know, the 22-yr old from Volda, Norway readily admits that he can’t beatbox.

And now he has revealed that he also can’t play the drums or the piano.

So what can he do?Lass Gjertsen

Well he can edit for starters.
He can animate.
He’s quite the fashionista (check out that haircut).
And, he makes some pretty compelling music without (apparently) being able to play an instrument.

Welcome to a series of tubes.

Hear more here.