Slow Moon Rising

April 13, 2006  |  music
brightblack pic

Coincidentally perpetuating the current male/female duo theme, I have been currently listening to a good-sized dosage of Brightblack Morning Light. Brightblack consists of Nathan Shineywater and Rachel Hughes, childhood best friends who grew up in Alabama, and drummer Noah Wilson, whom they met upon moving to Humboldt. I am a late comer of sorts to their music considering their first full length, Ala.Cali.Tucky, was initially released two years ago next month.

I first heard of Brightblack while attending Arthurfest last September, after which I proceeded to look up the band’s website. To my surprise and dismay, Mr. Shineywater is rocking a Black Hills Special Services t-shirt on the intro page! That means nothing to most people, but I grew up in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Those shirts are reserved for people that take care of the special needs children at my old school. Some of you may already know that I too have my own special needs. Honoring the integrity of the logo on his t-shirt, Shineywater does indeed take great care in aiding me with my special needs. How does someone from Humboldt via Alabama acquire such a shirt? Color me intrigued.

Their choice in clothing isn’t the only thing that hits close to home; their music itself creates a home-spun cocoon of comfort. This is good mellow stuff. Don’t hold your breath anticipating a change in tempo. Just allow the mellow moods to drift you away. It appears they applied a similar formula to each track on their album Ala.Cali.Tucky, complete with a loop of cricket chirps that fade in and out through out the whole album. The result is beautifully hypnotic. The music will sway you as the harmonized vocals will lull you into slumber, like a babe being rocked in his/her mamma’s arms. Sleep has never been so good!

Become versed in the “Whiskey Gospel” by checking out these tracks:

And if you really likee, buy it from Stinkweeds!


  1. Cool. I’ve been looking for mellow, hypnotic, Black Hills special needs sensitive rock. Thank you, Chaddigan.

  2. I dig the sound, maybe a little too calm for a whole album but still a cool sound. Great article Chaddigan, looking forward to your insight.

  3. Those are the flavors of the rainbow! The special needs rainbow that is.

    (hint: put your mouse cursor on the picture)

  4. This is just what the doctor ordered for Beaster. Nice post toastie.


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