• Petrified Forest
    The trouble with me is I belong to a vanishing race.
    I'm one of the intellectuals.

    That, that means you've got brains! Hmmm. Yes. Brains without purpose. Noise without sound, shape without substance.

    The Petrified Forest, 1936

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  • Don't Look Back
    So much has been written about Don't Look Back
    It's nearly impossible for

    someone, especially this someone who wasn't even alive when Bob Dylan was really stirring things up, to write something that hasn't already been said. Fortunately for me, the film was lovingly remastered and re-released on DVD so there's all sorts of new stuff to talk about.

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  • Corporate Drone
    You work as some cubicle drone

    for mega global corporation and in order to further implant the idea in your head that the global mega corporation world is a better world and you are a worthless piece of shit they come up with a song to remind you each and every moment of the day. A song that they play in the elevators, on the phone, in the shitter.

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