Zombie Radio

September 26, 2006  |  music

A few weeks back we reported that online radio powerhouse WOXY was shuttering its studio after coming to the stark realization that advertising revenue and membership was not enough to sustain the station’s operating costs. But now CityBeat is reporting that WOXY may not be dead after all.

On Sept. 19, four days after the station tearfully shut down operations for a second time, a gentleman named Bill Nguyen went on the woxy.com message boards and wrote, “Hey folks, we’d like to save woxy … please tell (station officials) to contact us.” Seemed like a shot in the dark, maybe a prank or, at the very most, overzealous or wishful thinking. But last night, Nguyen (who’s based in California) was in Greater Cincinnati, meeting with station supporters at the Hofbrauhaus in Newport (fans were even posting live in a chat room during the meeting) to tell them the good news — WOXY is back in business.

BAM! This station is a fucking zombie. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t kill it. If you don’t watch yourself, WOXY may eat your brains.

In case you’re wondering, Bill Nguyen is the founder of secondhand CD trading site, la la, in addition to having dipped his entrepreneurial toe in a couple of other lakes and puddles. So now that WOXY is saved, how do they create a successful revenue model that allows them to pay their operating costs AND make a profit?

I guess that’s a question for later, right now we should be celebrating.

Or surf on over to WOXY and check out some of the awesome Lounge Acts in their archive.


  1. The weirdest bit of this news to me is that I’ve been obsessed with lala for the past 2 months trading a little over 50 CDs; it’s awesome; and just before reading your post, I traded to another lucky lala-er my Best of Kool & the Gang CD. Bill, you’re one of my favorite people on the web.

  2. Shorter woxy: “I’m not dead yet!”


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