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November 14, 2006  |  music
ABO-Top? Weekend at Bernie's 3?

We got an email this morning from the good folks at Domino Records reminding us, as if we needed it, of the merits of the Archie Bronson Outfit. If you’ve read this site before, perhaps you remember back a few months ago when we suggested you sacrifice at least one White Castle run so you can buy ABO’s 2nd album Derdang Derdang. It’s still one of my favoritest albums from this year.

Well if you forgot about that post, or you’re new to (((withoutsound))) or to the garage-y greasy goodness of the bearded English trio, here are a couple more tracks to whet your appetite. “Dead Funny” is from Derdang Derdang and “Funnel of Love” is a Wanda Jackson cover currently found only on the import Cherry Lips single.

Buy it at insound.

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