Mazarin v. Mazarin

November 16, 2006  |  music

Yesterday I received a rather distressing email informing me that one of our Philly faves, Mazarin, would play their final show will play their final show on December 2nd. That doesn’t mean, however, that Quentin Stoltzfus and the gang are gonna stop playing. After their swan song at at Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia, the band will simply no longer be known as Mazarin.

So why the change and what’s the band’s new name?

Well, that’s where it gets complicated. You see, apparently there areCardinal Mazarin currently two Mazarins out there. No, this isn’t some sort of quantum physics trick nor is it a trip to the Bizarro world in which the members of the Justice League so frequently battled the forces of, um, bizarre. Rather, there appears to be a band in Long Island that feels like their Philadelphia doppelgangers are stealing their thunder. While Mazarin was named for a winning racehorse owned by the father of the two founding members, the soon to be former Mazarin was named for the successor to Cardinal Richelieu, known for being quite a lucky man himself.

But Mazarin’s luck turned when Mazarin decided to sue.

The Other MazarinHaven’t heard of the other Mazarin? Well apparently neither had Mazarin. That is until Mazarin received a cease-and-desist in the mail. It’s probably an understatement to say that Mazarin was somewhat vexed. Where had Mazarin been while Mazarin had released such psych pop classics as A Tall Tale Storyline and last year’s We’re Already There?

Well, apparently the self-proclaimed “Rock and Roll Legends of Long Island” had been stewing in their own juices. Oh, and one of their members was ill. I don’t know if the Legends thought the money from a settlement would help out their ailing bandmate, that maybe it would land them on easy street, or what but apparently they didn’t do their research. The Mazarin we all know and love isn’t exactly swimming in cash.

So instead of dealing with the headaches and costs associated with a court battle royale, Mazarin gave in, gave up their name, and let Mazarin have it.

[We]concluded the whole predicament was so sad and despairing that instead of dragging out a lengthy litigation, which [we] had neither the time nor money to commit to; fuck it. Clearly, the name is cursed.

Clearly Mazarin, doesn’t think so.

Buy some Mazarin, any Mazarin, at insound.

As for band name suggestions, here’s a few.


  1. Funny and sad. I said this to you, Seamus, but I’ll extend the offer to ex-Mazarinif they’re reading: I have a fine list of band names you are welcome to use.

  2. How ’bout “shit flush wipe flush”?

  3. As someone who knows the original Mazarin, I’ve decided to comment on this one, and hopefully clear up a couple of mis-statements, which come from the Mazarin Retirees myspace.

    First and foremost Mazarin was not out for money, and NEVER solicited funds for medical treatment for one of the original band members. They also did not just “appear” out of the woodwork with a Cease and Desist. They attempted to contact the Retirees for a couple of years with calls, emails and letters and were simply ignored. Their original intention was to attempt to have the Retirees simply not play as Mazarin in Manhattan, as they were being flooded with phone calls as their following was buying records and going to shows only to see the wrong Mazarin. They never received any return communication until they got a lawyer involved, and at that point the Retirees Manager did his clients the ultimate disservice of attacking, provoking and being such a prick that Mazarin had no choice but to go forward completely. If one Retiree had ever contacted Mazarin, the whole thing could have been worked out musician to musician. The Retirees also didn’t just decide to bow out due to lack of funds, they did hire a New York City Lawyer who, after reviewing the longevity, documentation, and consistancy of Mazarin (who never stopped playing) consulted his clients that in this matter, they could not win.

    Mazarin did not solicit funds from their fans, their fans simply donated in the most generous way I’ve ever seen for the law suite, not medical expenses. That’s what happens when you’ve been playing consistantly in the world’s biggest musical market, with the musicians who paved the way for bands like the Retirees, and with the top producers in the business for 30 years. I wish the Retirees the best of luck, and that they can enjoy the longevity, success and passion that has kept Mazarin rocking for 30 years. It’s a rarity, and one that should be celebrated by musician everywhere, especially those who hope to do this for the rest of their lives too.


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