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December 18, 2006  |  music

Are We Not Horses?

Is it a bird? Is it an (In The) Aeroplane (over the Sea)? No sir. It’s the equine-stomp marchin’ romp of Are We Not Horses? by Rock Plaza Central. Rock Plaza Central is the Toronto-based band, led by novelist/songwriter Chris Eaton. The album is a concept album about: “Robotic horses who think they are real horses.” It’s a coming of age “tail” (oh yes I did), where a race of metal-clad horses endure the trial and tribulations of first denying, then discovering, and finally accepting their contrasting metallic luster and rusted marrow to those of flesh and blood.

Just as the Bears album has been glued to Seamus’ cd player, Rock Plaza Central’s latest offering has similarly adhered itself to mine. The songs beautifully alternate between themes of apprehension to stock-sure confidence, frustrated naivety to enlightened clarity, and gritty disrepute to shining glory. The music grinds and soars accordingly, accenting the multifarious feelings and emotions triggered by our robotic friends’ transformational journey. Needless to say, it’s a well-bred affair.

Play these tracks in your car for extra horse-power:

Buy Are We Not Horses? from Rock Plaza Central’s website.

Chris Eaton was kind enough to send me an extra track that he contributed to a podcast compilation assembled by Aaron Newell at Cokemachineglow.com. It was made famous by Justin Timberlake, and now it is made infamous by Rock Plaza Central. Dig it.

Preserve yer sexy:

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